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West Tennessee Pony Club

2003 Annual Pony Club Show

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Prize List

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West Tennessee Pony Club Horse Show

25th Anniversary

September 26-27, 2003 


54. Blue Ribbon Lead Line (Flat) - 8 Years Old and Under

55. Tandem Hunter Over Fences – 2’3”

56. Tandem Hunter on the Flat

57. Ride a Buck ($2 Entry Fee)

58. Bareback Jumper – 2’3”

59. Gambler’s Choice – 2’6”- 3’3”, 3’6”

60. Jumper Match Race – 2’6”


Tandem Hunter Over Fences—Teams of two riders will jump a simple 2’3” hunter course, one behind the other, at a distance of roughly 2 to 3 horse-lengths. A change of leadership will be required halfway through the course. To be judged 75% on control, smoothness and pacing, 25% on presentation. The horses need not match.

Tandem Hunter on the Flat—Teams of two riders will be judged in a regular flat class. The horses are to be ridden side-by-side at a safe distance during the entire class. To be judged 75% on control, smoothness and togetherness, 25% on presentation. The horses need not match.

Ride a Buck—Riders will compete in a regular flat class, bareback, with a dollar bill under each calf. Once the class starts, the bills cannot be touched or moved. Once a rider drops both bills, they will be eliminated. The last rider with at least one bill under their calf wins the class. Bareback pads and grab straps are not allowed. Entry fee is two $1 bills you bring to the class.

Bareback Jumper—Riders will compete individually and bareback over a simple, timed 2’3” jumper course. Rules will follow normal USA Equestrian jumper rules. Grab straps are allowed; bareback pads are not.

Gambler’s Choice—Riders will have from 60 to 120 seconds to jump as many obstacles as they can in a course of their own design. Each jump will be assigned a point value based on height and difficulty and will be built to be jumped from either direction. The jumps will range in height from 2’6” to 3’3”. Each obstacle can be jumped a maximum of twice, but if a rail is knocked down, it will not be rebuilt and can no longer be jumped. Refusals that do not disturb the jump will incur no faults. After the initial course is finished, each rider will have a choice to jump the Joker, a 3’6” obstacle. If the rider opts to not try the Joker, the score will stand. If the rider tries the Joker and clears it, 100 points will be added to the score. If the rider tries the Joker and has a refusal or rail, 100 points will be subtracted from the score. The highest score wins.

Jumper Match Race—Riders will compete as individuals, two at a time, over mirror-image courses of 2’6” jumps. Both riders will start behind a dotted line, and the first rider to complete the course will advance to the next round. This process of elimination will continue until only two riders are left. These two will race against each other to determine the winner. In any round, if only one rider has a knockdown, the rider who went clean will automatically advance to the next round. If both riders have an equal number of knockdowns, the faster will advance. If any of the rounds have an odd number of people, management will draw to see which rider will automatically advance to the next round.

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Thank you to all our volunteers and Pony Club parents who made this show possible!!

Germantown Charity Showgrounds

Germantown, TN


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