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WTPC Know Down - March 6, 1999
March 6 dawned cool but sunny here in Memphis. Six Pony Clubbers  traveled from Huntsville Alabama and met up with fourteen members of the West Tennessee Pony Club to compete in a Pony Club Know Down competition. For three grueling hours these brave souls took a written test and then answered questions one by one in a Pony Club Test of Knowledge. When the smoke cleared we all ate some famous Memphis Bar-B-Que from Corky's. During dinner awards were given out as follows:

D Teams:

1st Place (WTPC)
Rachel S. and  Jackie G.  - Team Total: 251

2nd Place (WTPC)
Kristy D., Kendall N., Victoria L. -Team Total: 227

3rd Place (WTPC)
Danielle P., Ashely G., Jessie G. - Team Total: 226

4th Place (HPC)
Hope L., Megan P., Cheri S. - Team Total: 210

5th Place (HPC)
Michelle M., Rachel R., Simone K. - Team Total: 200

C Teams

1st Place: (WTPC)
Jessica R. and Michele K. - Team Total: 200

2nd Place: (WTPC)
Meredith W. and Jon K. - Team Total: 133

3rd Place: (WTPC/HPC)
Jamie D. & Emily B. - Team Total: 79

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Individual High Scores

C Level
Michele K.  108.5
Jess R.  93.5
Meredith W.  69
Jon K. 64
Emily B. 42.5
Jamie D. 36.5

D Level
Jackie G. 108.6
Kristy D. 103.3
Danielle P. 87.3
Hope L. 86.3
Rachel S. 83.6
Michelle M. 80
Ashley G. 74.3
Cheri S. 72.3
Victoria L. 68.3
Simone K. 66
Jessie G. 64.3
Kendall N. 55.3
Rachel R. 54
Megan P. 51.3